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Remember when I told you I’d like to sell a book one day so I could buy myself a pair of fancy shoes? WELL, I DID IT! My first, all original erotic short story just went live on Amazon, and you can find it here.

Penelope’s Choice is a kinky story where Penelope’s secret crush, the librarian Miss Dearly, catches her stealing a naughty book – and presents her with three exquisite punishments to choose from to make up for her transgression. Penelope could just leave, but something about Miss Dearly’s offer is too delicious to be passed up on, and so Penelope has to make a choice.

Get it for the introductory price of 0.99 for a limited time only, and if you like this story of being checked out at the library, please consider leaving a review!

Just read it. Highly recommend it. It’s short and sweet. The relationship between the two women develops very naturally, and it’s a lot more loving than most short erotica I’ve seen.


THANK YOU!!! Emotionally anchoring the sexy parts of a story in a situation of trust and gentleness is rather important to me, so I’m happy everytime a story works in that regard. ❤ ❤ ❤



After dipping my toes into the academic life, I found that's not for me, so I went on a foray into the juicy world of smutty fanfic, where I found my true calling: making other people feel through my words. Preferably horny.

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