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I’m so sorry Robert Carlyle.  It’s just that nothing makes my heart clench faster than precious adorable smols, and Bobby is certainly that.  And then pairing him with the even tinier and equally adorable Emilie as Belle…I just never stood a chance. 

I tried to depict myself and Rush/Rumple/Belle to scale as best as possible.  I’m about 1.5 inches taller than Bobby.

This comic was probably a huge waste of time and internet space, but I needed an outlet for the intense feelings I have towards these overwhelmingly cute smols.

Oh man, I love the facial expressions on these!

This is the opposite of a waste of time and space.



After dipping my toes into the academic life, I found that's not for me, so I went on a foray into the juicy world of smutty fanfic, where I found my true calling: making other people feel through my words. Preferably horny.

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