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Happy 55th Birthday, Robert Carlyle! (April, 14 – 1961)

The other day I went to the Glasgow Art School degree show and, when I was coming out, two wee girls who were about eight years old came up to get a photograph taken with their dad. Those girls don’t know Trainspotting or any of those things. They know Rumpelstiltskin. So this show has introduced me to a brand new audience who then, through Twitter, go, ‘Oh, I watched Ravenous’ or ‘I watched Face’. And I think, ‘Oh my God, they’re actually going back through the whole catalogue of my work.’ They talk about things like Hamish Macbeth, things that were on the TV when they weren’t even born. But they love it, and I’m grateful for that.



After dipping my toes into the academic life, I found that's not for me, so I went on a foray into the juicy world of smutty fanfic, where I found my true calling: making other people feel through my words. Preferably horny.

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