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So I already posted this once a long time ago, but I think the great rumbelle blowoff is a good reason to dig it up again 😉 – Belle bathing Jekyll’s eel

I’m reblogging this not only because it’s a beautiful drawing, but also (and mostly) because BATHING THE EEL is the funniest blow job word I’ve ever heard.

Hah, I think so too xD. It was on TV a few days ago, in an episode of The German crime series institution “Tatort” that took place in the next city from where I live… I still say “bathing the eel” at random times xD



After dipping my toes into the academic life, I found that's not for me, so I went on a foray into the juicy world of smutty fanfic, where I found my true calling: making other people feel through my words. Preferably horny.

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