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Summary: [Golden Lace AU]
That girl is a god damn problem.
Lacey French doesn’t care what they say about her – even if it gets her in trouble. [Prompt: "teacher/student smut, spanking/discipline, Belle or Lacey"]

Notes: Alright. Time to continue this. The chapter got away from me and is currently clocking in at over 10k pre-edit – which is why I am breaking it up a little. Here’s the first part. The next should follow soon. Just need to finish another scene and edit everything. Oh, and btw, I blame @suchadearie for this one! Even if she won’t understand why (just yet).

Trigger warnings for underage sex, teacher/student sex and corporal punishment.

Rating: NC-17/Explicit

Link to full story: [Read on AO3]

Parts: [Part 1][Part 1.2][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 5]

Part 5

The next morning, Lacey isn’t in class, which – all things considered – is understandable, but also a little disappointing. It’s not like it’s unusual for her or anything, only this semester it kind of is, and it’s making her worry. It’s impossible to concentrate on solving irrelevant math problems when you’re worried. She doesn’t want to care, but Ruby’s not a bad person and, no matter what happened between them last summer, Lacey needs her now. Maybe. They haven’t actually talked since Vic’s pool party, have kept their distance, and Lacey rarely comes to the diner anymore, but their friendship still counts for something, right? It should count and she should be doing something.

Drumming her pen on her desk, Ruby glances to her left quickly, then swings her eyes back to the front, both troubled and puzzled. None of the numbers and symbols on the blackboard are making any remote sense today – not that she’s trying very hard – and all she can do is pray that Dr. Gold doesn’t pick up on her weakness. It’s only ten(ish) and he’s already made Kate cry in front of everybody, and has sent Kenneth and Emma to the witch’s den. So far, they haven’t returned, and the last thing Ruby needs right now is another note sent home to Granny or another awful parent-teacher-meeting. Guardian – teacher. So she better look interested and on top of things, at least. Maybe it’s her imagination, but Gold’s fuse seems to be even shorter than normal today. That guy desperately needs the anger management classes Dr. Hopper so merrily keeps suggesting every chance he gets.

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You want to kill me, right? This fic is everything I usually avoid, teacher/student, underage… EVERYTHING, and yet, I can’t stay away. You have me biting my nails, seriously questioning my morals, but your writing is so beautiful and skjdhgksdgf I hate you because I love this so much that it gives me Bauchweh and heart throbs and I wanna cry. Oh god, my poor baby Lacey. *cries*



After dipping my toes into the academic life, I found that's not for me, so I went on a foray into the juicy world of smutty fanfic, where I found my true calling: making other people feel through my words. Preferably horny.

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