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“Welcome, Brave Traveller, to the Land of Souls. If you are seeking to restore the soul of one you love, your journey is over; fill the goblet and drink, then call out the name of the person that you seek. But Wait! Nothing is free, and for this magic a price must be paid. In return for the soul you save, your soul must remain here. Consider carefully, Traveller, for, once the trade has been made, there will be no going back, and your soul will never return”

Based on Goaskalicewhy’s adorable fic – The Quest : Mulan decides to drink from the goblet, sacrificing her own soul for Phillip’s.

Edit – (reposting for better quality pictures, sorry!)



After dipping my toes into the academic life, I found that's not for me, so I went on a foray into the juicy world of smutty fanfic, where I found my true calling: making other people feel through my words. Preferably horny.

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